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Do you find yourself at a loss for energy, run down and tired and seem to catch the flu and colds all the time. Perhaps your lights are out.  Scientists have discovered that healthy living cells emit a light called a biophoton, although you cannot see this light with the naked eye, it is detectable with specialized equipment.

What makes your lights go out? We live in a stressful, fast paced world. Weíre being constantly bombarded with radio waves from computers and cell phones. People are eating foods that have been processed and refined to the point that it contains no nutritional value. Fruits and vegetables are being irradiated to kill all bacteria, good and bad.  There are so many strikes against us itís hard to know how to keep your health on track. When your lights are  dim or going out, your cells are in a very vulnerable state and you  become much more susceptible to colds, flu, cancers and other symptoms  of a suppressed immune system.

Are your lights on?
What can you do about it?
BioPhotrex is your whole health, whole body, anti-aging solution for everyday living. Itís time to live life.

Turn your lights on, with BioPhotrex.
The BioPhotrex transmits biophotons into the cellular structure, restoring a healthy balance of light. By using the BioPhotrex only 30 minutes per day, people are enjoying life with their lights on high beam. Using the BioPhotrex is a very simple and relaxing way to recharge your whole body, simply turn on the unit, lie on the transmitting pad and place the receiving pad on top of your body. The biophoton light is transmitted through your body and the cells are charged. The amazing thing is how the charged cells share their light with other surrounding cells, after about 30 minutes the light is transmitted  through your entire body. And in addition to better stronger cells, defective cells cannot handle the additional biophons and fade away.

One of the exciting aspects about the BioPhotrex is its ability to charge your food and drinking water. After you bring your groceries home, simply place your fruits, vegetables and meats on the transmitting pad with the receiving pad placed on top of them. Charge them up for about 30 minutes and you will notice a fresher, better taste with live healthy foods.

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