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For those who wish to boost their autoimmune system, we offer an eight week, "take charge of your health" program that is designed to stimulate and activate your immune system to help your body heal itself in the conveinence of your own home.
Our unique process differs from traditional therapies since we address the whole body, using our innovative BioPhotrex instrument. The gentle pulse of the BioPhotrex, stimulates the lymphatic system and brings the body back into a healing state, to assist in clearing the lymph nodes while enhancing their function. This allows the immune system to work more effectively in enabling the body to heal itsself. We highly recommend the BioPhotrex to be used in conjunction with a mini trampoline for about 30 minutes per day, to help move the lymphatic fluids through the body.

The eight week program includes the following:

* Purchase of a BioPhotrex 210 with personal training by telephone or in        office consultation
* Bio Meridian testing to evaluate stress to body systems (in office only)
* Hair chemical analysis identifying mineral deficiencies and identifying a correct diet for your body type
* Complete 8 week nutritional regimen designed to your specific needs
* $400 credit towards Standard Process supplements
* Delivery and training at your location can be arranged for an additional charge.
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Nova Health Features the BioMeridian's MSAS-Professional system

The Meridian Stress Assessment Systems provide extraordinary new perspective on the state of the body's energetic health.

With BioMeridian's MSAS-Professional system for meridian stress assessment, a practitioner may choose to use the information gathered to determine the next step in a patient's health care.

    * Non-invasive sensitivity screening. 
    * Nutritional evaluations can help patients who are looking for nutritional balance.
    * Consider possible complementary approaches that may help a patient achieve a more balanced energetic state.
    * Identify specific dental stressors that might contribute to health problems.
    * Test for toxicity and drainage levels, and their effects on energy and organ functions.
    * Help patients maintain the structural or functional integrity of important systems.
    * Suggest whether there is a condition present that may require traditional medical treatment.The Bio Meridian is a fast and accurate tool that assists us in identifying your individual health challenges in about 45 minutes. It is designed to deliver long-term benefits to patients by quickly identifying areas of potential concern, and then focus on supporting core functional health. Patient symptoms, although important, provide only one piece of the data used to determine the optimal protocol for patients. The Bio-Meridianís strength lies in its ability to combine multiple sources of patient information to assist us in identifying the optimal protocol.
The Nova Health BioPhotrex Program

Take Charge of Your Health
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