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Are there any other clinics besides the St. George office?
The St. George office is currently the only Nova Health clinic although there are other clinics that are using the BioPhotrex equipment, we will be happy to refer you to one in your area.

What does the treatment program with the BioPhotrex feel like?
The BioPhotrex sessions are painless, some patients report tingling sensations to feelings of well being.

Are there any side-effects with the BioPhotrex?
There are no known adverse side effects from using the BioPhotrex equipment.

What kinds of issues have been helped with the BioPhotrex?
Lymphatic drainage support, increased circulation, reduced edema, increased cognitive activity, better sleep patterns, increased supplement adsorption, etc.

Can I purchase a BioPhotrex machine to use at home?
The BioPhotrex 210 was designed with the home user in mind. At Nova Health we offer the opportunity to purchase a BioPhotrex and a nutritional support regime designed to fit your particular situation allowing you to address your health challenges in the comfort of your own home.

How can I get more information about the BioPhotrex?
You can visit the BioPhotrex web site or call us at our listed numbers.

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